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11/11 at 11:00AM

Quantum Light Annex

A metaphysical shop opening 11/11/21 at the Reed Opera House in Salem, Oregon


Offering crystals, gems, jewelry, sages, candles, incense, smudge, wands, spheres, classes, yoga, sound, light & energy healing sessions, special events and more in Salem, Oregon

Quantum Light Annex is coming to the Underground at Salem’s Reed Opera House to help souls everywhere increase the vibrations of love, positivity, and light that this world so desperately needs.

As the energy shifts in this new age, bringing new challenges and new ways of communicating, we at Quantum Light Annex hope to bring a peaceful corner to this universe:  an “Annex” of Light.

We seek to bring together a community of like-minded souls working in love to heal one another and bring compassion, joy and a peaceful vibration into a hectic world.

Alongside our carefully curated assortment of metaphysical and spiritual retail items, you will find people with gifts using the Annex to share them with the community; so that we may all heal together, love together, and grow together.

We are Quantum Light’s mother-daughter co-founders, Monica and Morgan Love, and we cordially invite you to stop by the Annex, anytime, for a visit of discovery and delight!

Monica Love

Quantum Light Annex

“I am no longer waiting.”

After recently retiring from a long career with the State of Oregon and 40 years of working in the secular field, I decided to follow a calling to open a metaphysical store here in Oregon.  I spent many decades doing what I needed to do for my children and my family, and was greatly blessed to be able to do so.  Now, I am blessed to be able to manifest this next chapter, in partnership with my daughter Morgan.  We are opening the Quantum Light Annex together, as a woman-owned, family-run business.

I grew up in California, mostly in San Diego, where my childhood was full of anxiety, uncertainty, emotional instability, spiritual awakenings, supernatural experiences, Jesus, insights, abuse, power and control, love, betrayal, and more.  It was a hotbed of life learning experiences that got me to who I am today.  We all have our stories, each unique and varied, each making us spectacular and curious and creative in our own individual ways.  My hope is that the Quantum Light Annex will become a haven for everyone seeking to better understand ourselves. I hope to see you the store!  My house is your house! Mi casa es su casa!  Namaste!

Morgan Love

Co-Owner & Store Manager
Quantum Light Annex

“Living Life with Purpose & Meaning”

I’m a native Oregonian, born in Salem and raised in Monmouth. I am in my mid 20’s now, and have ventured down many roads, and have found that every path always led me back to here.

I started modeling and doing films and commercials when I was young. I have also cared for children, and waited on people at restaurants.  I have an artistic soul and found avenues to express my creativity from an early age. I love to create things with my hands using my unique vision and aesthetic. What has grounded me throughout all my journeys is knowing there are places out there that hold space for any and all who are searching for something of meaning and light.

What I now seek is to help create a community of love and light; facilitating a connection, or re-connection, to a higher power; your highest self. I feel fortunate to have this door open for me at such a young age, and alongside the family I hold dear.

I’m passionate about offering the community I grew up in something local that holds space to get inspired, healed, and re-centered.  Offering this love to others is a calling, not a job. I feel in my bones that it’s crucial to make a living out of something that you love, and this is what I love. Helping and healing others, healing myself, being creative, expanding my vision of community, and so much more.

Welcome to our store of service and light, Quantum Light Annex

Healing practices:




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❧ yoga ❧ reiki ❧ tarot

. . .and more

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Meet Mackenzie, Quantum Light’s Yoga Instructor . . .

I have been a Yoga/meditation teacher since 2018. I began this journey in the hopes that I could share the practices that changed my life with those around me. I believe yoga and meditation should be a time to really take a deep dive within and create space for healing. Just like a flowing river, we need also need flow. The quickest way we can achieve this flow state in our minds is to create flow in our bodies. Free the body, free the mind. That’s what my classes are all about. We go beyond the physical.

RSVP  now for Mackenzie’s weekend yoga classes at Quantum Light Annex: Saturdays @ 10-10:45 AM; 12:15-1PM; and 5:15-6PM.  Sundays @  10-10:45 AM and 12:15-1PM; starting Nov. 14th.  Appropriate for all levels, beginner to advanced.

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Meet Kelly, one of Quantum Light’s Reiki Practitioners . . .

Reiki is very near and dear to my heart. I have been a Reiki practitioner for over 2 years now. I discovered Reiki when I was on a personal healing journey, looking for relief from my personal traumas. I quickly discovered the healing power of Reiki, how beautiful it is, and how it can impact your life. After my personal experience with Reiki, I had a strong calling to become a practitioner. I’ve been certified and practicing Reiki from my home since 2019.  I am currently studying to become a Reiki master, as well as learning other spiritual healing modalities and certifications. I’m excited to be sharing my gifts at the new and amazing Quantum Light Annex, located at The Underground at The Reed Opera House. I look forward to spreading Love, Light, and Reiki Healing in the community ♥️

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Quantum Light Annex
Underground at the Reed
189 Liberty Street
Salem OR


(503) 461-1110


Hours of Operation:

Monday. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  closed

Tuesday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   closed

Wednesday . . . . . . . . . 11AM – 6 PM

Thursday . . . . . . . . . . . 11AM – 6 PM

Friday. .  . . . . . . . . . . . . 11AM – 6 PM

Saturday . . . . . . . . . . .  11AM – 6 PM

Sunday . . . .  . . . . . . . .  11AM – 3 PM

(private appointments available during off hours)


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